Debottlenecking capacity limitation

Surya chamber, Multi tenanted bld

Bengalure 2004- 2009, Repeat jobs.

Was facing Sub Metering problem. Building's total energy consumption was not matching with the sum of all outgoing clients energy meter readings. Facing Harmonic Distortion problem, due to which cables used to overheat and burn/puncture/blast.
Installed 2nos Harmonic Filters. It debottle-necked DG capacity limitation eliminating tripping problem. It solved Cable failures. And solved Sub metering Error.

Enhancing 3P, Power, Productivity, and Profitability; solving drive stalling and increasing sugar recovery

Abstract- A 3500TCD sugar factory installed across 3mw 415v TG four DC Mill drives each 450kw and highly fluctuating cane preparation section's slip ring induction motor loads namely 2nos 560kw Fiberizer, 225kw Leveler and 187kw Chopper. It wanted uninterrupted power export from its 6mw 11kv TG and connected across it stable linear loads of boiling and sugar houses through a set of 3.15mva and 1.5mva, 11kv/415v, Dyn11 transformers.