DC drive harmonics

Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd, Tiruvannamalai

Repeat 2011 Tamil Nadu

4500tcd crushing capacity green field cane sugar plant with co-generation power plant and grid synchronizing transformer. Supplied 4nos 930A, 690V Tuned Harmonic Filters across 2nos 3.15mva, 11kv/690v - 690v converter transformers.
Each converter transformer connected to a sets of 750kw dc mill motors (through a doublet converters) and a 225kw GRPF dc motor. Green field project objectives were 10% Energy savings, Elimination of DC drives card failure and voltage sag tripping.

Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd, Nanjangud

Repeat 2010 Mysore

7500tcd crushing capacity cane sugar plant with 36mw co-generation power plant with 45mva,11kv/66kv grid synchronizing transformer. Supplied 5nos 725A, 690V Tuned Harmonic Filters across 3nos 3.15mva, 11kv/690v - 690v converter transformers.
Each converter transformer connected to 2nos 937kw dc mill motors across its two 690v secondary winding. 10% Energy savings verified. Eliminated DC drives electronic card failure and voltage sag tripping.

Comprehensive Power Quality & Harmonic Audit Study with solutions in a large tyre manufacturing plant

Abstract: Large continuous process plants are increasingly resorting to use of non linear loads (NLL) such as DC drives, variable speed AC drives, UPS, increased electronic controls etc. to improve performance and productivity of their plants. The plant engineers are increasingly facing unfamiliar problems related to power quality (PQ) mainly problem of distortion of fundamental wave shape and associated effects.  

Solving DC motor, VFD drive failure; Enhancing production by 25%, and Slashing energy bill by 9%

Abstract:- An ACSR conductor manufacturing plant was facing high incidence of DC motor and AC VFD Drive Failure due to bad power quality and high harmonic distortion. The company is a world leader in non-ferrous metal industry. It manufactures ACSR conductors for HV and EHV power transmission and distribution lines. It had been facing a high incidence of operational problem across its plants A and B. It affected all electrical and electronic equipment with its conductor making process.

Enhancing 3P, Power, Productivity, and Profitability; solving drive stalling and increasing sugar recovery

Abstract- A 3500TCD sugar factory installed across 3mw 415v TG four DC Mill drives each 450kw and highly fluctuating cane preparation section's slip ring induction motor loads namely 2nos 560kw Fiberizer, 225kw Leveler and 187kw Chopper. It wanted uninterrupted power export from its 6mw 11kv TG and connected across it stable linear loads of boiling and sugar houses through a set of 3.15mva and 1.5mva, 11kv/415v, Dyn11 transformers.