Cable lug burning

Surya chamber, Multi tenanted bld

Bengalure 2004- 2009, Repeat jobs.

Was facing Sub Metering problem. Building's total energy consumption was not matching with the sum of all outgoing clients energy meter readings. Facing Harmonic Distortion problem, due to which cables used to overheat and burn/puncture/blast.
Installed 2nos Harmonic Filters. It debottle-necked DG capacity limitation eliminating tripping problem. It solved Cable failures. And solved Sub metering Error.

Solving DC motor, VFD drive failure; Enhancing production by 25%, and Slashing energy bill by 9%

Abstract:- An ACSR conductor manufacturing plant was facing high incidence of DC motor and AC VFD Drive Failure due to bad power quality and high harmonic distortion. The company is a world leader in non-ferrous metal industry. It manufactures ACSR conductors for HV and EHV power transmission and distribution lines. It had been facing a high incidence of operational problem across its plants A and B. It affected all electrical and electronic equipment with its conductor making process.