33kv HV Harmonic Filter

Puja Ferro Alloys Ltd. Goa

2004 -2009 Repeat job.

5.5MVA, 33/0.150kv transformer for submerged electrical arc furnace for manufacturing Ferro Alloy.
Installed 1.8mvar, 33kv harmonic filter for troubleshooting transformer HV winding insulation failures due to power system harmonic resonance.

Gajanan Ferro, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

2012, Repeat jobs. 


Submerged electric arc furnace 6mva, 33/0.150kv for Pig Iron manufacturing. Installed 33kv, 3.8mvar tuned harmonic filter and solved 24kA bus bar failures- heating/noise/vibrations/ worn-out due to power system harmonic resonance.
Troubleshooting electrical harmonics and resonance failures by installing 33kv passive harmonic filter

Solving power system harmonic resonance, Improving power quality and Eliminating electrical failure

Abstract: An Electrical Arc Furnace near a hyperactive railway traction line was facing electrical failure from an unusual power quality harmonic distortion problem. The Gigantic 22kA copper bus bar used to overheat visibly red-hot, vibrate audibly loud loosening nuts and bolts and wear out affected plates. In-addition, it frequently encountered other harmonic problems like bulging and blasting of detuned capacitor, motor overheating and failures, HPMV lighting ballast failures, 33kv fuse blowing and overheating of the Electric Arc Furnace transformer.