Tuned Harmonic Filter

Tuned Harmonic Filter: Worldwide all power intensive and major power quality and harmonic distortion correction projects, design using passive tuned harmonic filter, either variable or fixed types. That's because its unmatched in performance and delivery those reap rewards that you can rely on. It reconstructs distorted waveform back into sine wave and eliminates equipment tripping and failures. Encon harmonic filters, with over 40-years of life expectancy, ensure sustainability of all accrued benefits.

If you do your project design with Harmonic Filter, and look holistically, it helps you in reducing your overall investment cost that by precluding the need for equipment derating and running load factor. Furthermore, if you add all the benefits, those accrue with it, like enhanced energy efficiency, lower carbon footprint, uninterrupted production, lower MTBF, inventory cost of components, and workforce motivation coupled with ever rising cost of energy, the economic benefits would far outweigh the cost of the harmonic filter solutions.

Providing "Encon Ih Filter" across double secondary rolling mill transformer, as shown in the caption picture above, provides answer to several technically challenging tasks those had remained unchallenged by the peer harmonics filters manufacturers, until we did it. The most prominent challenge among them is the forth quadrant converter operations that while on regeneration mode feedback power to its supply bus. But that happens at extremely high harmonic distortions and low PF typically below 0.09lag. It explains why double winding converter transformers are so hugely de-rated, and operate at very poor load factor. Load factor is average maximum running load in MW divided by rated MVA rating of the transformer, which could be improved substantially by mitigating harmonic distortions, and that would slash down the converter transformer size and rating. It percolates upstream, as shown in the caption picture above, and helps in slashing down other equipment size and ratings. Those include switchgears, cables, upstream transformers and Diesel Generator. It's the Total Power Management method of doing your project most efficiently.